Meet Paneltim: pioneer in plastic sandwich panels

One of the main objectives in LDM is always to offer products of the best quality and innovation. That is why today, throughout this article, we will introduce you to a new product that has been into our catalog.

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How can LDM help you in your plastic tanks manufacturing?

At LDM®, we have a comprehensive catalog of the highest quality equipment and materials on the market, ideal for each step in the plastic container manufacturing process.  

At LDM®, we have a comprehensive catalog of the highest quality equipment and materials on the market, ideal for each step in the plastic container manufacturing process.


How can LDM help you in your plastic tank manufacturing:

We handle the most recognized brands within the industry, such as:

Plastic materials:

Röchling®: Ideal plastic plate for the manufacture of plastic tanks. It complies with the most advanced international standards whose manufacture is of German origin.

  • POLYSTONE P (PP): Ideal for applications related to chemical engineering, tank manufacturing, medical rooms, and cleaning technology.
  • POLYSTONE G (HDPE): Good chemical resistance and high elongation at break. Resistant to chemicals that cause stress cracking, ideal in water handling applications.
  • TROVIDUR (PVC Y CPVC): High molecular stability, excellent chemical resistance, good thermoformability, and excellent flame retardant properties.
  • POLYSTONE PVDF (PVDF): Excellent weldability properties and high chemical resistance to corrosion at high temperatures, flame retardant properties, and high purity.

PANELTIM: Pioneers in the manufacture of hollow panels in thermoplastic materials such as PP and HDPE, whose main advantages, in addition to chemical resistance, are its mechanical strength and low weight. Also, having formulations with recycled materials, medium quality, and premium quality, the latter always come with UV protection; Finally, they also have non-slip plates in various presentations, colors, and smooth finishes for areas where there will be personnel traffic.


AGRU: Offers a wide range of pipes (PP, HDPE, and PVDF) and their different connections and stub ends to interconnect the tanks to the process piping systems or other tanks within series systems.

AGRU's plastic piping system for industrial use includes materials and tubes for practically any industrial application thanks to its high chemical resistance and its vast application temperature range. For their part, the pipe connections allow efficient installation and trouble-free operation in the supply and evacuation systems, offer a long service life, and no need for maintenance.






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Plastic welding machines:

INGENIA®: Machines for butt welding plastic plates of German engineering and manufacture.

  • Sheet butt welders: Counting on manual machines (up to 2 meters long) and semi-automatic machines (up to 6 meters long) which weld plastic plates at 180° being able to make adaptations for welding at 90°, and/or adapting the clamps to be able to weld tick hollow panel plates so they don't require as much pressure for their thermofusion.


  • Butt benders: Within the range of folding machines there are manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic machines, which can make very precise bends at different angles, providing an excellent finish on the outside of the fold when aesthetics are required in the final product.


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LEISTER®: Swiss drand recognized in plastic welding equipment, 100% industrial and designed to work in extreme conditions.

  • Industrial heating guns: We have the widest portfolio in the market of manual equipment for welding application, having in the offer from workshop equipment, which requires an extreme blower to the equipment, to the field equipment with its integrated blower, also having similar versions as well as digital versions to facilitate welding processes. It also has a wide catalog of accessories necessary for circular, triangular or tape contributions to cover practically any welding need.
  • Plastic extruders: Having in the portfolio similar equipment or automatic equipment with different extrusion speed capacities, the choice of which will depend on the plate thickness and the type of material to be weld (PP, HDPE, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PC, PA, etc). They also have a wide range of shoes, whos machining performance with the type of welding that needs to be applied as well as the thickness of the plates and pipes to be welded.


HUERNER®: German equipment ideal for welding pipes and fittings for industrial applicatons. Designed to be able to butt weld all types of pipes as well as their connections, elbows, Y's, T's, etc. also having a supply of equipment for socket welding pipes.

  • EASY WELD 100T: It is workshop equipment that offers us the possibility of welding pipes up to 4" (100 mm) and that has roating jaws that give us the possibility of manufacturing T's or  elbows, starting from straight pipes.


  • Hot plate and socket fusion: This type  of equipment offers us the possibility of manually welding pipes for small diameters, having the possibility of doing it butt or socket, depending on the connections that need to be made.

Leak tests:

BUCKLEYS®: Spark tester equipment for leak detection, made in the UK.

  • PST 100: They're equipment for leak test, which by means of generation of an electric discharge applied in the welding and that when finding a job or failure in the welding generate a spark as an indicator of the same. These are offered from standard kits of the gun with its tip as well as in complete kits that apart from these offer us a variety of tips, extenders and a spark gauge to be able to ensure the test at different plate or tube thicknesses. 


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In summary, we can assure you that at LDM® we have everything you need to manufacture a plastic tank or container and make it available to you through our product portfolio. Visit our page and contact one of our collaborators to recive the best advice on equipment and materials.





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